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Bali is among the world’s most attractive and popular tourist destinations. The eastern coast of the island of Java is home to a tiny paradise that never fails to amaze visitors with its distinct culture, warm residents, breath-taking scenery, global activities, delicious cuisine, and limitless accommodation possibilities.

Bali has also been known as a place for global conferences due to its international standard meetings facilities. Recently, Bali has hosted the G20-2022 meetings, World Congress on Infectious Diseases (WCID), International Conference On Sustainable Healthy Cities And Sustainable Development Goals (ICSHCSDG) and many more.

The province of Bali consists of the island of Bali as the largest island with small islands around it, namely Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Ceningan Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, Serangan Island (located at the foot of Bali Island), and Menjangan Island which is located in the western part of the island. Bali.

Time zone

Bali is in the Central Indonesian Time (WITA) time zone: + 08:00 hour GMT/UTC.

Season and Weather

Bali is located just a few degrees south of the equator. It has a tropical climate with sunshine all year round and tends to be hot and humid all along the year. Rainy season usually starts from November to March, and a relatively dry season often occurs from April to October; however, some showers can still occur, so it is better to always prepare umbrellas and raincoats. In the rainy season, it usually rains a couple of hours in the morning or in the afternoon, while for the rest of the day, it has sunshine for a few hours.

Temperatures are high and uniform throughout the year. They are slightly higher from October to May and the temperatures can reach 30 C, with the daily average at around 27 C (81 F). They are a bit lower from June to September, when the daily average is around 26 C (79 F). In the rainy season, there is muggy heat due to high humidity.


In Bali there are many ways of transportation for you to travel easily from one place to another. You can rent bicycles, motorbikes, or cars. You also can take a conventional taxi (Blue Bird) or you can also find online taxi via application (Grab & Gocar) and driver who will also be your guide. Tell the driver your desired route and negotiate a fee. An important virtue to have while on the road in Bali is patience! Although the road system in the heavily populated areas is quite reasonable (condition wise), it can also be heavily congested at peak periods. Ceremonial processions often take up the entire road so if you are caught behind a procession, enjoy the colorful experience.

Currency and Bank Services

For transactions, the Balinese people use Rupiah (IDR) as the official currency. The applicable banknotes here start from IDR 1,000, IDR 2,000, IDR 5,000, IDR 10,000, IDR 20.000, IDR 50,000, and up to IDR 100,000 as the largest value. While the value of coins is IDR 100, IDR 200, IDR 500, and IDR 1,000.
Banks are open from Monday to Friday, generally from 8:00am to 2:00pm. ATMs (cash machines) work 24 hours a day. All banks close at weekends and on public holidays. There are plenty of currency exchange offices, banks, and cash machines throughout the city.


Balinese people use Indonesian and Balinese to communicate with each other. The most common foreign language used here is English.

Electric Socket, Plugs, Adapters

The socket models that you will find in Bali are models C and F. This type has two cylindrical connection legs designed which is the standard European plug. A universal plug would also suffice.
The standard voltage throughout Indonesia is normally 230 V and with a standard frequency of 50 Hz. If you are from the the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia or Africa, most of your phones, laptops and other gadgets could be charged like normal. However, if you come from countries like the United States, Canada, and most South American countries, the range of voltage differs in Indonesia.

Internet and Connectivity

In order to keep internet connection running smoothly, you should choose a prepaid local SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card. With start from IDR 100.000 you can get various types of internet quota,so that you can stay online for a month. You can get a SIM card in a local merchant available almost everywhere. The WI-FI connection is usually available at hotels, restaurants, or large shopping centers


The international dialing code from abroad to an Indonesian number is +62. For international calls, dial 00 + national code + area code + personal number. Mobile phone network coverage is available across Indonesian and relatively good across Bali.

Emergency Number
• Emergency: 112
• Ambulance: 118
• Police: 110
• Fire Department: 113

When contacting the important numbers above, please use the country code and area code. You can start by pressing +62 (0) for the Indonesian country code, then press – 361 for the Bali region code. Then continue pressing the destination number, for example – 112.

Shopping in Bali

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Although it is not mandatory to tip for every service, the tips are nevertheless appreciated. Depending on the level of service provided, tips range about 5% to 10% of the total bill.